Inquiry Project: Professional Development for K-12 Educators

The culmination of my time in Finland is the creation of a professional development framework for K-12 educators based on my research and work here.  Feel free to use the resources in your own school district and do not hesitate to offer feedback.  Kiitos!

  • Professional Development Framework: Cooperative Learning Strategies as a Best Practice in Student-Directed, Globally-minded Classrooms

    • Above is the entire document but sections and accompanying resources are also broken down below for ease of use.
  • Facilitator’s Guide

      • Foreword
      • Introduction to Inquiry Project
      • Inquiry Project Goals
      • Rationale for Inquiry Project
      • Methods
      • Findings
      • Analysis of FindingsConsiderations and Resources for Facilitators: Sessions 1-7

  • Professional Development Sessions

    • Session 1: Following Finland
    • Session 2: Diving Deeper into Finland’s Education System
    • Session 3: Views of American Educators
    • Session 4: Defining “Cooperative Learning Strategies” in US & Finland
    • Session 5: Defining “Global-mindedness”
    • Session 6: Finnish Perspectives on Global-mindedness
    • Session 7: Finnish Line
  • Appendices

    • Appendix A: Resource guide
    • Appendix B: Annotated Bibliography
    • Appendix C: Additional influential books
    • Appendix D: CLS Finland: Teacher and Student Perspectives: Session 4
    • Appendix E: Global-mindedness Finland: Teacher & Student Perspectives: Session 6
    • Appendix F: Comments on Global-mindedness and Global Thinking: Session 6
    • Appendix G: Tove Jansson and Moomin: Session 7
    • Appendix H: Moomin quotes: Session 7

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