Warts and all

Several years ago I read a piece in which the author criticized parents for being paranoid about child abductions and terror attacks when, statistically-speaking, their children were more likely to be hurt as the result of a household accident or heart disease. It talked about too much hovering and not paying attention to the things … More Warts and all

Finnish champion?

I went to my first Finnish language class on Monday night.  When the instructor, Heta (complete with a permed mohawk and wow, does she rock it!), showed us the textbook (above) I got really excited thinking we might be incorporating some yoga poses into studying one of the world’s most difficult languages. I got even … More Finnish champion?

Crossing the pond: Trust vs. Mistrust

  Pre-post two-minute brainstorming video. In the late 1950s, psychologist Erik Erikson (yes, his real name) put forth his theory on human development, essentially identifying a series of stages that all humans go through on our way to forming our identities and learning how to navigate life on earth.  Erikson asserted that during each stage … More Crossing the pond: Trust vs. Mistrust

So what exactly is a Moomin? (aka traveling with a toddler)

My family of three left Colorado two weeks ago to spend the holidays in the motherland (for those of you who don’t know me, that’s New Jersey) and then headed to Finland this past Wednesday.  Before flying to Jyväskylä we had some time in Helsinki’s airport.  Lou, my two-year-old, was having a blast pushing the … More So what exactly is a Moomin? (aka traveling with a toddler)

The Here and Now

I have been following Finland, or more precisely its education system, since the spring of 2011 when I was teaching Sociology. Leonard Sax wrote about Finnish schools briefly in Boys Adrift which we were reading in class. Sax described the American kindergarten of today as one which more closely resembled a first grade classroom of 30 years ago postulating … More The Here and Now